PH greenhouse emissions growing

Philippine Daily Inquirer
3:31 PM | Friday, April 11th, 2014

MANILA, Philippines—The contribution of the Philippines to global warming is only a drop in the bucket of the world’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but that drop may get bigger in the future.

“Though it currently contributes less than 0.35 percent of global GHG emissions, its share will spike due to economic and population growth coupled with rapid urbanization,” the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-Philippines said on Friday.

WWF-Philippines Project Manager Philline Donggay said this is why it is important for developing nations like the Philippines to begin serious steps toward climate mitigation and adoption of renewable energy to sustain its needs.

“Climate change mitigation reducing country emissions is critical because Asian economies are in full swing,” Donggay said in a news release.

Asia is the world’s fastest growing economic region and the largest continental economy by gross domestic product. Globally, six in ten people live in Asia, according to WWF-Philippines.

In the same release, WWF-Philippines announced its Building Momentum for Low Carbon Development project, which presents plans to synergize national development objectives with climate change mitigation strategies.

The project presents a path for the Philippines to transition from a fossil-fuel dependent economy to one that uses 100 percent renewable energy (RE) by 2050, the environmental organization said.

WWF-Philippines recommended increasing investments in both RE and energy efficiency (EE), while eliminating the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels like coal and oil.

The Philippines is a fossil fuel-poor country and is vulnerable to the volatility of international fossil fuel prices, it noted.

“We have one of the highest power rates in Asia, mostly because of inefficiencies in the power sector and our reliance on imported fossil fuels,” WWF-Philippines Climate and Energy Programme Head Angela Ibay said.

“With coal and oil prices rising from increased demand, we will pay even more in the coming years – unless we invest in indigenous Renewable Energy now,” she added.

WWF-Philippines said Earth has already heated up by about 1 degree Celsius in the last two centuries, with an expected jump of 0.8 degree from atmospheric heat stored by the oceans.

“Beyond 4 degrees, up to 30 percent of all known plant and animal species will die — and intense storms, droughts and other climate effects will become nearly unmanageable for less-developed nations,” it said.

Today, the three largest emitters of greenhouse gases are energy generation, transportation and agriculture, WWF-Philippines said.

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APEX Global runs 1st Joint Knowledge Forum with SHRM on The Future of Learning & HR


APEX Global, the learning solutions arm of ECC International has recently partnered with SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) from USA to bring professional development solutions for HR practitioners in the Philippines. Together with SHRM, APEX Global jointly run the 1st Knowledge Forum focused on whats in store for global corporations – both big and small and how HR will play a crucial role in shaping this future.

This forum was held at the Mandarin Oriental, in Makati City this 10th April 2014, and was well attended by senior HR executives from banking, financial services, manufacturing, Outsourcing / BPO, government agencies and IT companies. The group had several meaningful exchanges and a lively discussion in the field they get to oversee – HR & Learning.

Some of the key highlights / strategies for the future shared from the presentation included

1. Grow from Within – Need for organisations to focus internally for future leaders rather than outside

2. Business Partner Approach – Shifting towards the setup of ‘HR business partner’ model rather than viewing HR as a support department

3. (Re)Building Employer Brand – Creating new strategies to retain performers and reduce recruitment related costs

Keeping the extensive interest among the participants, SHRM’s professional certification programs will be launched in the Philippines starting May 2014.
          HRMP (HR Management Professional) – May 26-28 2014

For more information about the courses, pre-requisites and the value of the professional certification, please email us at to contact you with details.

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APEX Global partners with ICOR for Organizational Resilience Courses

“The world is becoming turbulent faster than organizations are becoming resilient.”
Gary Hamel, Harvard Business Review

Today, leaders in the field of organizational resilience are seeking a broader holistic spread of services and demand a far-reaching perspective that is representative of what is actually required in day-to-day operations.  Dedicated professionals are aggressively seeking an environment where skills and abilities are recognized and encouraged.

Professionals that are interested in working and contributing in the field of organizational resilience are faced with the challenge of non-responsive service providers that continue to have an extremely narrow focus of business continuity.  This narrow focus does not address the evolving needs of business, government, non-governmental agencies, and society to improve their resiliency and viability.

ECCI and APEX Global believe that Performance excellence can only be achieved with the ability to strategically plan for the future, recover from unexpected failures and capacity to build resilience amidst constantly changing times. The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR) is APEX Global’s new partner in delivering cutting edge training programs. With the mission to empower professionals through competency building,  APEX Global signed a partnership agreement to provide its clients with more services for competency-building.

The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR) is an international non-profit education and credentialing organization that provides thought-leadership, professional development, and certification-enabling, comprehensive, proven strategies for embedding the culture and systems of resilience within the 21st-Century organization.

ICOR’s goal is to address these issues, continuously monitor the global marketplace so as to be proactive to the changes that evolve and, when necessary, react quickly to unexpected changes. APEX Global is now bringing this solution to its regional presence in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

ICOR’s courses classified according to the following specialty areas  are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited:
•    Business Continuity Management
•    Crisis Management & Communication
•    Emergency Management
•    Facility Management
•    Legal, Audit & Compliance
•    Organizational Resilience
•    Risk Management & Insurance
•    Supply Chain Risk Management
•    Technology Infrastructure

As an initial offering, APEX Global is launching BCM Lead Auditor Course based on ISO 22301 and Crisis Management & Communications Professional in partnership with ICOR. These courses will teach useful strategies and techniques for analyzing situations and making difficult decisions with limited time, information, and resources while managing a crisis event and leading teams.

For more information on the programs, visit, email or call 632 403 8668.

ECCI Group forms partnership with Stratadigm to bring excellence for BFSI professionals

February 7, 2012 – As a knowledge-centric organization constantly looking at solutions that would address the needs in today’s dynamic market place, APEX Global, ECCI’s learning solutions arm signed a partnership agreement with Stratadigm for training courses for Banking and Financial Services Institutions.

Business process professionals and IT professionals working in the banking / financial services can gain a deeper understanding of various processes, products and services in the BFSI industry such as Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Consumer Mortgages, Foreign Exchange, Trade Finance, Global Financial Markets, Risk Management, etc.

With the combined market presence and capabilities of ECCI in the Philippines and Vietnam and Stratadigm’s expertise in the area of BFSI, this partnership hopes to bring corporate public and inhouse training programs for the Banking, Insurance, Business Process Outsourcing, Software companies with expertise in banking systems, and other related businesses. The partnership will bring about key accredited certification programs from The Financial Markets Association (ACIFOREX), Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCMSL), and Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA).

ECCI and Stratadigm will also work with educational institutions for the promotion and delivery of industry-readiness programs for students to better equip tomorrow’s professionals for the banking and financial services industry.

APEX Global’s first training for 2012: Carbon Footprint

January 25, 2012. ECCI and APEX Global starts the year with a one day course on Carbon Footprint – Offset your indulgence with PAS 2050. PAS 2050 is a widely recognized methodology for accounting greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.

As the United Nations Secretary General said, Climate Change is the major, overriding environmental issue of our time, and the single greatest challenge facing environmental regulators. It is a growing crisis with economic, health and safety, food production, security, and other dimensions (

The term ‘carbon footprint’ is commonly used but in many cases misunderstood. Carbon Footprint is a term used to describe the amount of GHG emissions caused by a particular activity or entity by an organization thus creating a quantitative method of assessing their contribution in climate change. The one day awareness held at New World Hotel, Makati City training explained the key principles of the methodology based on the principles of PAS 2050. Sustainability practitioners from DOLE Philippines, Hyundai Asia Resources, Sunpower Philippines, Nutri-Asia Inc, Monde Nissin Corp, and First Gas Power Corp attended the training which also provided the fundamentals of measuring carbon footprint and CF reporting. PAS 2050 provides a method for assessing the life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of goods and services (jointly referred to as “products”). This can be used by organizations of all sizes and types, in any location, to assess the climate change impact of the products they offer.

Sustainability practitioners can look forward to the next APEX Global training on Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner on February 27 to March 2, 2012. For more information, please email or call +6324038668.

APEX Global sets plans for 2012

APEX Global recently held a regional meeting last Nov 21 and 22 at the ECCI headquarters office in Manila. Representatives from Vietnam, India and Philippines offices gathered at the ECCI office in Makati to review this year’s highlights and plan for 2012.

2011 showed to be a great year for APEX Global with its aim to continuously provide a REAL learning experience for professionals. Over 3500 professionals representing 300+ companies in the Philippines, Vietnam and India attended the public training programs of APEX Global.

Learning and development within organizations has always been deemed significant not just for individual employees’ professional growth but ultimately for achieving the organization’s overall business goals.  Realizing this need and opportunity to assist organizations in their reaching their goals, APEX Global further expanded their offerings for 2012.

APEX Global will be offering more than 15 new programs over the five domains, IT Process Excellence, Standards & Compliance, Business Process Excellence, Behavioral Excellence, and Corporate Sustainability & Governance. They have also increased the frequency of their popular training courses such as IPC Specialist, ITIL, and CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional).  APEX Global will be organizing conferences and webinars in all of its locations and this is one of the major highlights to look forward to in 2012.

For more information on the 2012 program listing of APEX Global, please email

Introducing APEX Global’s LearnEx Card!

APEX Global continues to pioneer in offering innovative solutions to address the training needs of organizations in the Philippines.

Companies invest substantial resources in planning for employee learning and development –  but many a times business takes the course that markets and customers demand, making it imperative for the plans to keep pace. Realizing this challenge, APEX Global provides a flexible solution for maximizing your training investment.

LearnEx Platinum Card

As a continuous effort to serve our clients, APEX Global introduces “LearnEx – LearnExpress”, the prepaid premium learning pass to provide utmost flexibility, convenience, savings, and hassle-free registrations to the business organizations in the Philippines. This will address their training needs effortlessly over a period of one year.

With 3 variants of this prepaid training scheme – Silver, Gold and Platinum, LearnEx packages are bundled with exclusive privileges to provide the maximum return for on your training investment.

LearnEx offers the flexibility for organizations whose training needs vary from a single course to an entire series of courses – both planned and unexpected. LearnEx allows organizations to send anyone from any department or subsidiary to any APEX Global training program. Customers can also experience hassle-free registrations with guaranteed seats and dedicated client support.

LearnEx cardholders are entitled to special discounts to over 60+ training courses including 20+ Certification programs offered by APEX Global. It also comes with a lot of free items such as Quick Reference Posters (QRP), eLearning Toolkit access and APEX Global i-Nuggets and annual subscriptions – a truly ensuring bang for the buck!

What’s more, APEX Global is giving a special 5% discount for orders received until December 15, 2011. For more information or inquiries, please email or call +6324038668.

To learn more about LearnEx, download the brochure here.

APEX Global launches its 2012 Public Training Calendar

Expect more REAL learning experiences from APEX Global with its roster of training offerings for 2012. With its aim to promote performance excellence among professionals, APEX Global further expands it course offerings adding fourteen new programs in partnership with various accreditation and learning organizations.

APEX Global is the first in the Philippines to offer Certified SOA Architect where IT professionals can learn the fundamentals of SOA and gain a solid understanding of the service-orientation design, eventually leading to being a Certified SOA Architect.

Certified Scrum Master, accredited by the Scrum Alliance is also one of the latest training for IT and Business Process Excellence. Scrum is the leading agile development methodology, used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. It was originally was formalized for software development projects, but works well for any complex, innovative scope of work.

Furthermore, Software Quality Management Professional (SQM), Software Testing Professional – QTP and Load Runner, and the Fagan Inspection Method are also among the new programs being offered for software testing and quality excellence.

Under its BEX Behavioral Excellence umbrella, human resources practitioners will greatly benefit from the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

And with the increasing awareness and promotion of corporate social responsibility, APEX Global introduces Carbon Footprint and Reaping Returns: Measure Success of CSR & Sustainability Initiatives. Very soon, a graduate certificate program on sustainable business will be launched in partnership with one of the leading universities in Australia.

For more information and complete listing of classes and schedule, please contact APEX Global at +6324038668 or send an email to

APEX Global holds ISO 50001 Sneak Preview

The sneak preview of ISO 50001:2011 – the first ISO standard on Energy Management System was successfully held yesterday July 12, 2011 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City. The training was conducted by APEX Global in partnership with TUV Rheinland – the certifying body in the field of quality and environmental management systems.

ISO 50001:2011 has been released at the most opportune time for organizations to streamline their energy practices and utilize the guidelines for tangible energy savings.  Sonny Tapia, Senior Consultant of ECC International facilitated the workshop with his expertise in the deployment and implementation of Quality Management Systems anchored on ISO standards.

Thirty-six delegates from companies across various industries from education to manufacturing attended the training which provided an overview of the guidelines, requirements and its relevance to other management systems. To give the participants an interactive and lasting learning experience, they were provided with an ECHO CD, ISO 50001 Practitioner’s Guide, and an Energy Calculator which allows them to perform an assessment of their current energy consumption and identify energy saving opportunities.

Some of the participants’ testimonials are:

This will be very beneficial for our Oil group and Food group as energy management is crucial to their bottomline being in a generation industry. We can link this to Environmental Management System and our corporate social responsibility activities. –Nicanor Saturnino Jr –  ISO Head, Hedcor, Aboitiz Group

The training was very informative and actively facilitated. I learned new concepts and lessons on energy conservation. –Leila Carrillo – AVP for Operations, AWS Distribution Phils.