ECCI and Focus Softnet officially launch ARMS

Wednesday – September 7, 2011 at Diamond Hotel, Manila, ECC International and Focus Softnet officially launched ARMS (Academic Records Management Solutions) to the Philippine market.

With ECCI’s thrust in the promotion of learning in the organizational and individual levels and Focus Softnet’s expertise in software development, ARMS envision to provide reliable, scalable and adaptable software to the educational institutions across the globe. It is a solution pioneered to attain world class standards in educational institution management. ARMS stands as one stop solution for universities & educational institutions.

Karthik Subburaman, ECCI Country Manager opened the event with a talk on how quality administration brings about quality education.  Today, educational institutions and universities are facing problems in managing database of various activities they undertake. Increasing student population, conducive learning environment, security and safety, technology utilization, faculty and staff training and retention, and integration of administration of education and support of process management are among the major challenges of educational institutions.

By and large, universities generate large quantities of administrative records, including financial records, human resources records, correspondence, and many others. Schools need database driven technology where records can be updated and viewed in real time.

Balagopal, Focus Softnet’s AVP presented a sneak peek and demo of how ARMS is designed to manage virtually every aspect of the institution’s requirements. It is easy to manage even with limited IT resources and offers completely customizable modules with offsite and onsite implementation flexibility. Over 300 universities and educational institutions worldwide are currently reaping the benefits of using ARMS.  As a launching promo in the Philippines, a special 20% discount on ARMS license was announced during the event.

To learn more about ARMS, please contact Ms. Lourdes Lasian at +6324038668 or email


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