Philippine firms view compliance as complicated maze

MANILA–While the global market, thanks to the Internet, has undoubtedly been a boon to the Philippine outsourcing industry, ensuring compliance to various regulations is proving to be a headache for local companies in the borderless business era.

With reports of security breaches and data leaks making headlines around the world, the Philippines is in the midst of implementing a host of measures that can benefit, or constrict, local businesses.

Recently, in the Senate deliberations for the proposed Data Privacy Act, a top-ranking senator cautioned the chamber against enacting an excessively strict law that could hamper the ease of access that companies need to operate efficiently.

IT companies, such as software maker ECCI Group, also have to consider the data privacy policies in the markets they target. “Each country has a different Data Protection Act that we need to be in compliance to,” said Chenthil Kumar, sales director of the ECCI. “The other thing that needs to be considered is how we are protecting critical customer transactions.”

Local companies have acknowledged that compliance is a necessary task, but also agree that applying numerous regulations remains an enormous challenge to most.

Source: ZDNet Asia. Read the full article here.

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