The Ivy League Advantage from ECCI and eCornell

With ECCI’s intent in promoting organizational learning, it is now bringing the Ivy League advantage through eLearning courses in partnership with eCornell.

Established and wholly-owned by Cornell University, eCornell has the most comprehensive online, professional and executive development curriculum offered by any top-20 university in the United States. eCornell programs are also global accredited by the Human Resource Certification Institute, American Council on Education, and Project Management Institute.

eCornell provides exceptional online learning experiences tailored for professional and executive development in the areas of:

  • Leadership and strategic management
  • Project Leadership and Systems Design
  • Financial Management
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and Foodservice Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management Essentials
  • Marketing Management

eCornell offers a proven delivery model and incorporates the best aspects of online and traditional classroom learning, including:
• Engaging and rigorous course design that centers on authentic business scenarios and provides the resources and tools learners need to resolve the issues they pose.
• Learning experiences that target individual competencies and skills.
• Asynchronous collaboration activities that contribute to knowledge and experience sharing among the course learners and the course instructor.
• Course projects, discussion forums, and job aids that help learners apply their new skills to real organizational situations.
• New skill development through interactive assessments and simulations.

eCornell courses provide the convenience of structure and flexibility with course sessions starting every other week, round-the-clock/round-the-world access to course materials, live online chat, telephone, and email customer support (Click here to learn more about eCornell’s Structured Flexibility). Courses are fully instructor-led in a virtual classroom of over 35,000 globally networked, international students from 180 countries.

For complete course listings and other information, please contact Ms. Cheryl de Leon at 6324038668 or email


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