APEX Global launches “iNugget”

APEX Global recently launched a new communication medium called iNugget. Short for Information Nugget, this free weekly email delivers information bites with the latest industry news and best practices.

iNuggetThe logo carries ECCI’s “i” delta triangle to signify the company’s continuing mission to promote organizational change and improvement. It is designed in APEX Global’s blue color with an image icon to symbolize learning for professional excellence.

iNugget brings knowledge in a convenient format from a wide array of sources for the readers to have solid and sound understanding of relevant business trends, concepts, and processes. Click here to sign up for the free weekly iNugget.

APEX Global is also offering free webinars to the APEX community of users. A webinar is a web-based seminar, presentation, lecture, or workshop which involves active participation between the audience and the presenter. The service allows real-time point-to-point as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. It offers information of text-based messages, voice and video chat to be shared simultaneously, across geographically dispersed locations.

These webinars provide added value to the participants by being knowledge and networking portal. For the month of March, 2 webinars have been successfully organized on HR Certifications and eLearning. The next webinar on Strategies for Benchmarking Data Centers is scheduled on April 11, 2012. Click here for details and registration.


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