What’s the latest on Business Continuity Management?

ISO will very soon be releasing a new standard which will be replacing BS25999. ISO 22301 – “Societal Security – Business Continuity Systems” is standard in the area of societal security, aimed at increasing crisis management and business continuity capabilities, i.e. through improved technical, human, organizational, and functional interoperability as well as shared situational awareness, amongst all interested parties.

Organizations are now keen to compare ISO 22301 and BS 25999, especially those that have already achieved certification to BS 25999 or are considering certification. ISO 22301 contains all of the principles and processes present in BS 25999 and it seems unlikely that any additional significant requirements will be included in the final standard. This will be good news for many but there will be some changes as a result of the public commenting period. Significantly, both standards use a business continuity management system. The concept of using a management system framework for managing and continually improving the organisation’s policies, procedures and processes is relatively well known. (IRCA)

A Business Continuity Management system is designed to protect and recover business operations during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances. But what does continuity mean in the face of transitioning to a new standard? How will you prepare towards ISO 22301? Join APEX Global on April 27, 2012 as this new standard is released and know more about its components, similarities and differences compared to BS 25999. For more information and registration, you may call 632 403 8668 or email training@eccigroup.com.


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