About Us

ECC International is a leading training and business consulting firm providing pragmatic yet dynamic solutions to organizations in Asia. Thriving on domain innovation and delivery optimization, ECCI has constantly evolved since its inception 10 years ago to become the market leader – flaunting global experience, process expertise and regional presence.

Our mission is to help companies achieve performance excellence by unleashing their full potential through enduring, business-oriented advisory services and become their strategic partner of choice.

Seeing beyond the conventional focus of specific verticals or functions, our vision is to empower the emerging IT Enabled Services industry as well as be part of the next level of growth in the established manufacturing sector through interventions spanning learning solutions, process optimization consulting and strategy development.

The inherent drive in our Organizational DNA to diversify and acquire new domains, has placed ECCI in a unique position of meeting these rising needs of the marketplace – from conventional Management Systems Implementation to Information Security and IT Process Rationalization to Business Continuity, Energy Conservation and Corporate Sustainability.

Driven by our core values to remain dynamic, innovative and customer-focused, we exercise a passion for excellence that makes us a truly driven and competent organization. Built with a group of leaders who show steadfast integrity and sharp creativity, we go the extra mile to help our clients create and sustain a competitive advantage in all areas of business.

Exhibiting a strong regional presence through our offices in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China and India – we strive to keep our clients in the forefront of quality & business excellence in Asia.